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The object of this Club shall be to promote friendship among the members, to take an active part in social welfare, civic, cultural and educational advancement of the community and to participate in the work of the Kentucky and General Federation of Women's Clubs.


Established February 4, 1969

Federated May 20, 1969

General Federation of Women's Clubs

We are all members of GFWC (General Federation of Women's Clubs) which is a national and international  organization having had its formal beginning April 25, 1890, in New York. In 1901, a Charter was granted by the United States Government. It has grown to be the largest organization of women volunteers in the world boasting nearly 100,000 members. The motto of GFWC, Unity in Diversity, describes a united band of women helping to improve the lives of those in the communities through volunteer service. 

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