March Meeting: Good Manners Club

Valarie Roberts, the Kentucky Etiquette Lady of Owensboro, presented the program on etiquette at our March meeting. After hearing about the camps she offers for students of various ages, we had an opportunity to ask questions.

Here's a sample of some etiquette questions. See how many you can answer correctly!

1. Whose name is mentioned first in an introduction? Who stands?

2. When is it appropriate to shake hands?

3. How soon should an email or telephone call be returned?

4. Is it okay to send a condolence note via text?

5. Is a handwritten thank you note necessary?

6. Is an email thank you note appropriate?

7. Is a hostess gift necessary?

From The Good Manners Club Facebook page: “Inspired by Mary Poppins, a whimsical character of Miss Manners, Valarie Roberts, was created to catch the attention of students of all ages. She uses customized lesson plans that are age appropriate, thereby making learning etiquette fun! The program includes lessons in table manners, handshaking, telephone, high tea, Chinese etiquette, confidence building, self-care, dating, thank-you cards and much more. Programs can be tailored to certain needs or encompass a wide range of topics.”

The Good Manners Club offers classes for various age groups. Visit their website for more information.

  • Etiquetteketeer Summer Camp - Ages 6-12

  • The Empowered Lady Heels Academy - Ages 13-17

  • The Empowered Gentleman Bowtie Academy - Ages 13-17

Thank you, Valarie, for a wonderful presentation.