Halloween Window Painting

We are excited to once again partner with Downtown Turnaround and the City of Madisonville for another year of Halloween Window Painting!

Painting begins on Friday, October 22nd at 1pm and must be completed for judging by Noon on Saturday, October 23rd.

But first you must register!

This year, we offer online registration for those busy parents who want to make sure they get their child registered and have a window. Just complete the ONLINE FORM and show up during 1-5:30pm on either Thursday or Friday (October 21-22) to get your window assignment and paint.

If you'd rather just show up and complete your registration as you have in year's past, that's fine too! If you want, you can DOWNLOAD THE FORM to speed things up a bit.

Make sure you also check out the GUIDELINES so that your painting is not disqualified from judging.

We look forward to seeing all of the fantastic family-friendly artwork that has made the fall season so remarkable in our community.