2019-20 Carrie Stewart Award

Congratulations to Gina Munger, recipient of the 2019-20 Carrie Stewart Award.

Gina Munger receives the award at her home on May 20, 2020.

Mrs. Carrie Stewart was one of the 55 charter members who was instrumental in getting the Woman’s Club of Madisonville started in 1969. She served as President from 1969-1971 and again from 1984-1986. Mrs. Stewart chaired various committees from 1972-1980 and then chaired Home Tour from 1986-1988. This involved two home tours, since at this time the Club sponsored a tour every year. She also chaired Fundraising and Rebates from 1990-1991. She remained active in the Club until 2002 and passed from this life on March 13, 2005. It was said at her funeral that she had been “a tireless community server” having a “spirit of strength.......courage.......and organizational ability sprinkled in with some compassion, encouragement,gentleness, listening, patience, and humor to sweeten her touch – that was Carrie.”

In May 2005, in order to honor her 33 years of service and contributions to the Woman’s Club of Madisonville, it was decided to name a member each year that would best exemplify her qualities, calling this award the “Carrie Stewart Club Service Award.”